Wowkid is a learning enabler and has started offering the various programmes online to ensure that the kids, forced to stay indoors, can have some fun while they learn. The objective of the various programmes of Wowkid is to provide meaningful learning to the kids in the age group of Five years to Fourteen years in the safety of their homes which can keep them engaged, amused and reduce the immense stress of being forced to stay indoors. Wowkid has taken care that the various programmes which are conducted for example Drawing and Painting or Art and Craft or even Handwriting and Calligraphy use stationary or items which are easily available in almost all homes. These programmes have been specially designed by Wowkid to ensure that parents do not have to start worrying about purchasing Art and Craft or Drawing and Painting stationary.

Wowkid has some of the best Instructors in its team for conducting the various programmes be it Art and Craft or Drawing and Painting or Handwriting and Calligraphy or Speed Maths. These Instructors have a vast experience in their respective fields and are sought after people at our physical centres in Kandivali East, Kandivali West and Borivali West. In view of the lockdown Wowkid felt the immense need for the younger family members to have a meaningful activity to keep them engaged and also which was fun enough to get them to do it.

The programmes in Art and Craft or Drawing and Painting or Handwriting and Calligraphy or Speed Maths has been specially curated by Wowkid to ensure that it fulfils the need for skill development/enhancement in kids across age groups and also at the same time is enjoyable to create an effective engagement between the kids and Wowkid. As  a parent it is indeed a moment of joy as we see the kids grow to Wowkid. Follow us @wowkidindia or Contact us for help.

About Us is an effort to provide kids at home an opportunity to engage in various activities which enhance their skills, provide entertainment and at the same time be conducted in the safety of their homes.

The academic support is provided by MGT Classes which is an established and popular set up at Mumbai (Borivali & Kandivali). Some of the finest Instructors from MGT are involved in the Training Programmes available on this portal.

The technology support is provided by Evolve Strategies which is a premium advisor to several Learning Institutions.

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