Drawing & Painting

Drawing & Painting

New Batch Starting Date: 08 June 2020, 04 Pm & 05 Pm


Drawing and Painting has several developmental benefits for children. We are listing some of the
major benefits here for reading by parents. Remember the advantages do not end here, and it would
be impossible to enumerate or fathom all benefits of Drawing and Painting. Here are the major
1. Development of Visual Analysis: Drawing and Painting items in relationship to each other
can help a child immensely of primary visual analysis of everyday scenarios. Kids undertaking
our programmes are already equipped to a great extent, our programmes help the child to
fine hone those skills.
2. Increases Concentration: These activities are proven to increase levels of concentration in
the child. This helps in school, studies and other activities which the child performs.
3. Development of Fine Motor Skills: Specialised movement of hands, wrists and fingers are
primarily included in Fine Motor Skills. Holding and using writing equipment is one of the
best ways to improve the child’s Fine Motor Skills. Drawing and Painting creates an
immediate feedback which can be seen by the child and encourages the child to fine hone
the motor skills to achieve desired results.
4. Better hand eye coordination: These activities help develop the hand-eye coordination of
the child. There is a better connection between what the child sees and what the child does.
5. Encourages creative problem solving: Drawing and Painting are proven to help the child
develop creative methods for solving everyday problems. The approach to analysing the
problem changes and so does the manner of response.
6. Increases patience: Drawing and Painting increases the patience levels of the child and this
helps the child immensely in his/her studies and other activities which the child engages in.
You, as a parent would well correlate to the importance of this virtue in a grown-ups life.
7. Increases confidence levels: Drawing and Painting increases the confidence level of the child
and this is a result of the increased fine motor skills, increased hand-eye coordination, better
problem solving skills and others. You shall be really proud of the improved attitude of your
child as a result of the child pursuing activities like Drawing and Painting.

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