Art & Craft Level 03


Items needed at home:
Old Pet bottle (packaged water or colddrink)
Coloured papers (we can also use old newspaper in its place)
HB Pencil
Safety scissors (or small scissors)
Water colours
Hum or Fevicol adhesive

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In this Level our Instructors guide the child through various relatively complex Art and Craft
techniques. The child also gets adequate exposure and guidance in creating his/her own pieces of
craft which they shall cherish for a long time. This is a practical oriented Level.

Regular Fee for Level III : Rs 1,500
Discounted Special Fee for Level III : Rs 1,144 (you will have to use the coupon code which is there in
the advertisement you saw).


You offer your child several advantages when you book an Art and Craft session for
1. The child is able to undertake the activity from the safety and comfort of his/her home.
2. The bubbling energy of the child is put to a more productive use which enables the child to
distinctively enhance their cognitive skills and their intelligence.
3. The child is able to engage in meaningful activity rather than the usual mobile games and


The Level involves Seven sessions of 45 minutes each. These are usually done with an
interval of one day between two sessions (i.e. on alternate days). These sessions are available for
you for a period of 90 days from the scheduled date.


You are sent a link with the scheduled date and time information. On the scheduled day
you use any mobile or tablet or computer to access the specialised training session. After the
scheduled date and time, instructors would also be able to answer your queries sent via email. You
can access the recording of the session for a period of upto 90 days from the scheduled date and

Minimum Age Requirement

Although a person of any age can attend this programme, we advise
that you attend Level II before progressing to this Level.


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